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If you’ve been awarded a Medicare contract to provide DME we’re here to help. We’ve developed two key systems to generate revenue for you.
The site you are currently on, GetSubcontracted.com is designed to bring quality DME providers to you as sub-contractors.

While you may not have considered using a sub-contractor before there are some good reasons why:
1. You are required to service the entire competitive bidding area (CBA). This means that you can be considered in breach of your contract if you are unable to do so. Most CBA’s cover huge geographical areas – which you may not service entirely.

A sub-contractor can fill in this gap and provide coverage to these areas. This keeps you in compliance with Medicare.

2. You may have won contracts in an area you do not currently service. If this is the case, you must have a sub-contractor in place or set up shop there by July 1, 2013.

3. A sub-contractor can bring you a new stream of revenue. While they’ll continue to market for the insurances they can take, it’s likely they’ll encounter patients that should be referred to you.

Also, as the contractor you will receive a percentage of the reimbursement for the work the subcontractor does.

4. You may not have won all the contracts you bid on. Through a mutual subcontractor relationship two or more companies can create a one stop service.


What you need to know about sub-contracting under the Medicare Competitive Bidding program.


Best practices for finding and utilizing sub-contractors to grow your business.

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Filling network holes caused by the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program.