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As you may know Medicare will be implementing their Competitive Bidding program on July 1, 2013. The implementation of this program can impact your network. The following is a brief discussion of why, and how our free site can help you.

The new Medicare program required DME companies to submit bids in order to provide equipment to patients. Prior to the bidding program there was no limit on who could provide this equipment as long as they met the Medicare standards. As of July 1, 2013 only companies that are contracted with Medicare may provide equipment to their patients.

What’s concerning, and a likely impact to your network, is that there are roughly 24,000 DME companies in the United States. Of these, only 867 of them were awarded contracts.

Now consider that Medicare was a major revenue source for most companies and that will soon come to an end. If your network is contracted with a company who was not awarded a contract there is a chance they may not survive without the Medicare revenue.

Should that occur, you will be left with a significant network hole for DME services. To compound the problem, you may encounter difficulties finding adequate replacements.

What we do…
We match up companies that have received Medicare contracts, and their sub-contractors with you. Instead of searching for the right fit, we’ll provide you with profiles of each company – and introduce you.

Instead of manually looking for what you need, we’ll find them for you with just a few clicks. And if you need help quick – just give us a call!

Our service is entirely free to you. Our goal is to bring quality contracts to our members and provide you with a hole free network.



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Filling network holes caused by the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program.