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How to get sub-contracted

To become a sub-contractor you need to find a company that won the product categories you need, in your CBA(s). That means you would need to have a contact at each company, or make one. Then you would need to figure out what they won then pitch them on the idea of allowing you so be their sub-contractor.

Now, consider that most companies will probably lie to you and tell you that they won as they’re likely in the same boat as you…

Or, you could use our system.

We’ve created an entire sub-contracting system. It consists of everything you need to get the job done.
Our system takes your companies profile then allows you to make contact with the key people at the contracted supplier. It also lets then find you! When you’re ready, we’ll even provide a live introduction via conference call. We’ll help you work out all the details in a manner that’s fair for everyone.
And we’ll even provide the contract!

FYI – it would cost you more to have an attorney draft a contract that our service costs. And our contract was created by one of the best attorneys in the industry.

So, you can go at it alone – but why?


What you need to know about sub-contracting under the Medicare Competitive Bidding program.


Best practices for finding and utilizing sub-contractors to grow your business.

Managed Care

Filling network holes caused by the Medicare Competitive Bidding Program.