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 What we do...

 It’s pretty clear that the DME business model is going to change rapidly. You’re either going to lead, follow or perish. Having watched the bid program play out since 2008 (the original round 1) we have a strong understanding of what happens next.

We’ve developed an entire re-boot program for your business.

Here’s what we do:

1. Get Subcontracted (even for contractors!)
If you did not win a contract (and most companies didn’t) you’ll need to become a sub-contractor to continue servicing Medicare patients. This isn’t as easy as you think. There are only 876 contracted suppliers for all 100 CBA’s. However, have a way to get you in front of them first.

We’ve developed an online engine that helps companies needing your services find you. We’make the introduction, help work out the details, and even provide the contract.

For the contractor, we assist with with vetting the potential sub-contractor, adhering to Medicare’s notification rules, and giving you a plan that works.

And don’t forget, as a contractor you may still want to actually be a sub-contractor! There will be companies that are out of your area who won and you to work on their behalf. This essentially allows you to act as two of the contractors in your market (ie: fewer competitors).

2. Get Referrals
One thing is clear, if you’re going to survive – even as a contractor – you need a significant amount of new patients. Based on the new rates you will need to virtually triple your business over night just to maintain the revenue yo have now!You need to dominate the major sources of referrals – and we know how.
The Competitive Bidding program is going to cause significant confusion for all referral sources. They need to determine if each patient is included in the program or not. Then they need to determine who can provide the products they need.To compound the problem, the referral source will need to search around to figure out which company provides the items they need. Depending on the physicians orders, they may need to call multiple places just do discharge a single patient.We solved this problem with our GetDME platform. It is quickly becoming the standard for hospitals nationwide. It works by providing a super simple interface for the case manager. She simply tells it the ZIP code and the products she needs. It gives her a list with the exact matches so she can make just one phone call.What’s great is that when you join DME Connect, you get a premium listing which appears at the top of their results when your company matches the search! No sales person required!

3. Training
To reboot your company and prepare for competitive bidding to start, you and your staff need to be ready. This is an entirely new way of doing business. You can choose to react as it happens, or have the proper training and let your staff thrive.

When you join, you become part of our executive think tank. We provide an overview of what you need to do now within your business from an executive level. The changes to contemplate, what’s imperative, and what’s not. There are many things that need to be done before the program starts.

Your sales people
Your sales people have lived in a world where they simply had to keep referral sources happy, and liking them. There roll has now changed nearly 180 degrees. We provide step by step guidance and training for them along with monthly follow up training, and email support.

As they encounter new sales situations as a result of the bidding program, we’ll walk them through it.

Your customer service staff
Your staff needs specific training on the bid program itself, the rules, and how to handle situations that are going to arise. Consider that they will be fielding hundreds of calls from referral sources and patients who will be confused. If they do not get solid, confident answers they’re going to call your competitor.

Also, consider that Medicare will be sending out a series of announcements to both patients and referral sources. Regardless whether you won, are sub-contracted, or lost it will appear to the reader that you can no longer service them. We’ve lived this – you need to be ready.

4. Marketing
Weave created the marketing system for competitive bidding. It takes your sales staff, educated them on the program then couples them with our expert knowledge. Our goal is to make your company the thought leader when it comes to Medicare and DME.

We also have developed printed educational pieces that your sales team can use when discussing the program.

In addition, our GetDME staff is working with over 10,000 hospitals to explain the bidding program and provide our GetDME platform to them. It’s entirely free to the referral source and very easy to use. It solves their problem of finding the correct provider, and puts you on top of their list.

As you can see, our program is comprehensive, turn-key, and ready for you now. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Call us today to get started.


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